Reishi coffee

The tastiest way of prevention

Reishi coffee

The tastiest way of prevention

Reishi coffee
We combine the useful with the pleasant

Below, we present dietary supplements that are not medicines. The consumption of medicinal mushrooms is not a substitute for medical examination and treatment. We only want to inform you. You should not diagnose and treat yourself! But with a calm soul we can say that Ganoderma Lucidum, “the wonderful mushroom of eternal life”, has a positive effect on the human body. Our recommendation is: gather your own experience with our products, just try it!

What is Reishi mushroom and what is looking for in my coffee?

Ganoderma Lucidum (also Reishi, Ling Zhi, or shiny lacquer mushroom) has been used in China for medicinal purposes for more than 4000 years. In books more than 2000 years old, there are classifications of all known herbs and plants. Reishi belongs to the group of the most valuable herbs of God. There it is called the “king of medicinal plants” and takes the first place above all others. In the East Asian region, it is the undisputed number one among medicinal mushrooms. Reishi is also one of the most widely used mushrooms in modern herbal medicine.

Reishi is the mushroom with the largest spectrum of action of all vital mushrooms, which has a holistic positive effect on the entire organism. An absolute deacidifier.  This can relieve the liver up to 30%, and this excess of energy is already noticeable. The consumption of Ganoderma leads to a peaceful sleep. Reduces the body’s need for sleep, which means we are fitter even if we sleep less. Due to its alkaline effect, it can do good in case of stomach ulcer and reflux. Its effect is proven by numerous studies and testimonials to our customers.

Reishi has more than 200 different varieties, with different levels of active ingredients. All Reishi mushrooms, all Reishi products are not equally good. Watch this video about it!

What is Reishi Coffee?

Reishi coffee is generally normal coffee, with Reishi mushroom powder, or extract. You can also get Reishi coffee in a wide variety of qualities, in organic stores, or on the internet. Most manufacturers do not disclose from whom they buy the mushrooms and coffee, and how they process them. They put labels on it, like “tested quality”, and “organic”. And they use marketing bullshit, like, “Our Reishi mushrooms are grown naturally in a nature preserve, harvested by hand, and processed quickly and gently right after harvest.”

People should make sure that these products have really high-level certifications, from independent organizations. (Like Lloyds, or the Australian Department of Health.) You shouldn’t skimp on your health, but everyone has to decide for themselves.

Our Reishi coffees are made mostly from 80% Arabica coffee, and 20% Robusta. In addition, the Reishi extract is produced with special technology, in a 5-stage nanomill. From 20 kg of mushroom, only 1 kg of extract is obtained (pure active ingredients, without the fiber). The Ganoderma coffee from the company DXN, is definitely the best choice. We grow the mushrooms and the coffee ourselves, on our plantation, also the production happens in our own factory, our technology is own development. At present, no one can imitate this quality.


I am very grateful that someone introduced me to coffee. Finally I can enjoy coffee again without having heartburn and stomach problems afterwards. The coffee does me really good and is so for me a daily piece of health. In addition, it also tastes great! 🙂

Anneliese Müller

Grünhain-Beierfeld, DE

I love to drink Ganoderma coffee and I can’t imagine my life without it. My favorite is the Zhi Mocha, it’s just delicious and super relaxing. I can really recommend Ganoderma to everyone!

Susanne Hagemann

Amstetten, AT

I love coffee, be it espresso, latte or black coffee. Unfortunately, at some point I got so restlessness through it to sleep disorders, so I stopped with the coffee.
Then I drank the Ganoderma coffee and was immediately thrilled by the effect.
The restlessness I used to feel was gone, I felt fitter than ever during the day and I have a demanding job.
The great thing is that one bag of Black Coffee with Ganoderma is enough for me during the day, because I get so much strength during the day and I feel really great.
The coffee also has a pleasant taste, it tastes very aromatic because it has been enriched with real Arabica beans and tastes better than normal instant coffee.

Veronika Wagner

Radfeld, AT

I drink for over 1 month coffee with Reishi also I have only positive experiences, but must add that I suffer from no really serious disease but just getting older.

My experiences are: my digestion is working again, which I must have ruined with antibiotics a few years ago, all the stuff from the pharmacy did not help. My husband was able to lower his cholesterol level, but he has been drinking the coffee for 3 months now, at work through a colleague. We assume that it is due to the Reishi, because he has not really changed his eating habits.

My adult daughter has very strong allergies, hay fever, house dust, animal hair…. since she also drinks the Reishi coffee she is medication free, on the strong sunny days she still has to sneeze sometimes but her eyes don’t itch anymore.

Liane Gattinger

Kapelln, AT

If I believe in coincidence, I would say that I accidentally found the Ganoderma coffee. I do not remember how I found this page, but I know for sure that I was immediately interested in this coffee. A coffee that doesn’t give me a stomach ache and has a good effect on my health? Super.

For years I had the problem that my stomach could no longer tolerate conventional coffee. I have tried many, but until the Ganoderma coffee, all coffees failed the test. Now I can finally enjoy my morning coffee again. 🙂

Csilla Bojtos-Svab

St. Pölten, AT

I have been drinking Ganoderma coffee since 2011. I have tried about 10 different varieties, my favorite is 3 in 1 Lite. This coffee is unfortunately not available in Europe.

What I noticed practically right away is the energy boost. I felt totally fit throughout the day and that convinced me. A bit later – after 2-3 months – I noticed that I can sleep more restfully at night and my need for sleep has decreased. I drink my coffee mostly as iced coffee. In the evening I prepare it, I put it in the fridge, and the next morning I bring it to work.

Before my first taste, I thought, surely the coffee with mushroom can’t taste good. But that’s not true at all, this coffee is a real treat. I see no reason why I should go back to my previously preferred coffee.

Zoltan Bojtos

St. Pölten, AT

Where can I buy Reishi coffee?

As I said, you can get any Reishi coffee in the store around the corner. But get to know our certifications! If you decide that you would like to order our highly qualified Ganoderma coffee, you can find more information here.

Do I have to register as a partner?

No, not at all. About the possibilities study our infographic! As you can see, partner registration is without any obligations, it offers you – believe it or not – only advantages.


Is there any way I can get these products even cheaper?

Yes, there is. Read more here…

Do you have any questions? Please write to us!

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“Even the longest march begins with the first step.”

Freedom is within reach

Through a small recommendation, a great career can begin. If you are convinced of the quality of our products after some time, you have the chance to recommend them to others. As a registered DXN partner you will be rewarded with rebates on your own purchases. The special thing about a DXN partnership is that you commit to nothing, at any time.

Many of our partners are so convinced that you will make a living selling DXN products. It is up to you whether you simply want to order at the partner price, recommend to friends from time to time, or whether you want to build a professional business. Yes, you are right! This is the “well known” multilevel marketing.

But what’s the problem with multilevel marketing?

Almost everyone has attended a Tupperware party or had their makeup tested by a fragrant Avon consultant. Many find it annoying to receive multiple friend requests from people who are active on Facebook & Co., only to receive unsolicited tips about wonderful natural products, or even cryptocurrency. In all likelihood, we have all had unpleasant experiences with distributors of nutritional supplements or anything else.

This is where a problem with multilevel marketing already emerges, namely the degree of unpopularity that can be effortlessly achieved by pitching different goods, be it to family, friends or complete strangers. In structural sales, you have to approach people and always keep your good humor and confidence, even in the face of rejection. A challenge that not all people are up to! In addition, of course, you need commercial knowledge and the same know-how as other self-employed people.

But every coin has two sides

I guess you are open to alternative medicine, to TCM, otherwise you would not have read this website for so long. Surely you have an idea what nutritional supplements are good for. I am not allowed to write about it because I don’t want to be complained about. Let’s not talk about millions, what other MLM companies promise! Let’s talk about whether it is worth it to you if you can help your acquaintances.

You will find out when you consume our products that they are incredibly good, that they keep their promise. You can recommend these products with a calm soul, most people will be very grateful. Personally, I have already saved the life of a young boy, of which I am incredibly proud.

It is an indescribable feeling when we can help a mother with our Reishi drinking chocolate that her child is not so often absent from kindergarten, because of illness. Can you imagine helping others without any urge or compulsion? You don’t need commercial knowledge to do that, you need dedication and willingness to help. From the side of the parent company, there is no compulsion. Our commission plan is designed in such a way that you can neither lose your career level nor your percentage.

Let’s speak in plain language!

Stable business, without dumbing down the people.

A little tinsel is always part of a multilevel marketing business. A little show and Münchhausiade. But a serious person, with business interest wants to know the naked truth. Good! Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

The advantages of the DXN business
  • The product is an article for pleasure. Everyone knows it, 85% of the population is coffee lovers. We don’t need to teach anyone what coffee is.
  • Reishi coffee from DXN has the most qualifications in the world. Granted by independent organizations, of course. Our coffee is the Rolls Royce of Reishi coffee.
  • The parent company grows Reishi mushrooms and coffee itself, and does not buy anything on the world market. So it is quite insensitive to the prices.
  • The processing technology is their own development, and the factory is also theirs. This ensures incredible stability.
  • The company has existed since 1992, it is no longer a beginner. In 2018 it was on the 15th place in the world ranking.
  • In my structure about 30% buys less, which is needed for bonus eligibility. These customers almost never get commission, but they buy month after month. This can only mean that they love the products passionately, without any money interest. I mean every businessman wants to have such customers.
  • You can start this business for almost nothing.registration is free. It is a huge advantage that you can start a business here without any risk, let’s see what will become of it.
  • DXN’s slogan is “One world, one market.” Any DXN distributor can enroll distributors anywhere in the world, so they can build consumer network anywhere in the world. They don’t have to worry about how the product is delivered there.
The disadvantages of the DXN business
  • As an entrepreneur, I have no influence on the packaging, on the price, and on the quality of the products. DXN takes very good care of the quality, that is the strength of the company, but the fact is. If something were to change, I would not be able to influence it.
  • My marketing possibilities are limited. I can’t do any promotion, price reduction, lead magnet, or anything else.
  • Online ordering in the web store is unusual for European customers at the moment. We are constantly bombarding the parent company, with ideas for improvement, and we can already see the end of the tunnels, but currently our webshop leaves itself to be desired.
  • You can’t become a millionaire here overnight. Only a few have managed to reach the diamond career level within a year. The reason is first of all the rule of thumb of Multilevel Marketing. It takes several years to build a consumer network. The reason number 2 is that DXN keeps its prices as low as possible, thus the distributors get less commission. But the low prices are good for the consumers.

Our certifications

Here you will find only the most important qualifications of the parent company. If you click on the links, you will end up in Wikipedia, where you can read about the background. We do not use "meaningless" labels, such as "tested quality", or "gently processed".

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) refers to guidelines for quality assurance of the production processes and environment in the production of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients, but also cosmetics, food and feed. Quality assurance plays a central role in pharmaceutical production, since quality deviations can have a direct impact on consumer health. A GMP-compliant quality management system serves to ensure product quality and compliance with the mandatory requirements of the health authorities for marketing. You can find out more about this here...

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the regulatory body for therapeutic goods (including medicines, medical devices, gene technology, and blood products) in Australia. It is a Division of the Australian Department of Health established under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth). The TGA is responsible for conducting assessment and monitoring activities to ensure that therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard and that access to therapeutic advances is in a timely manner. More...

MS ISO 17025

MS ISO 17025 is a certification for laboratories that meet the highest standard.

MS ISO 14001

The international environmental management standard ISO 14001 defines globally recognized requirements for an environmental management system and is part of a family of standards. This includes numerous other standards on various areas of environmental management, including life cycle assessments, environmental indicators and environmental performance evaluation. It can be applied to both manufacturing and service-providing companies. It is not clear when and if such a review has to be repeated or how long it is valid. Read more...

The list of all recognitions


  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • Recognition of DXN's systematic and well-documented manufacturing technologies and services, as suitable in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • In 1999, as the first MLM company from Malaysia, DXN received the TGA qualification (Therapeutic Goods Administration, a division of the Australian Department of Health and Ageing).


  • ISO 14001
  • Recognition of DXN Pharmaceutical's manufacturing management for their Environmentally Friendly Method.


  • The Best Multi-Level Marketing Company in the Philippines, in the category "Health".
  • The Best Innovative Marketing Company of the Year in the Philippines


  • The 2. Direct Sales Super Excellence Master Award, organized by Global Business Magazine
  • DXN Holdings Bhd. gewinnt den 3. Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise - Keris Award 2004


  • 5. Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise - Keris Award 2006
  • Laboratory Department of DXN Holdings Bhd. gets MS ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation certificate
  • Asia Pacific Super Excellenct Brand & Design Book of Records 2006


  • Malaysian Bioplan: The Ganoderma Plantation of DXN has established itself in the Malaysian Bioplan. This means that the plantation has also met the necessary requirements of the Bioplan.
  • DXN has won the 28th International Technical Quality Award in Switzerland.
  • ADXN MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Award Won


  • DXN was selected as the "Most Outstanding Participant" of the first Direct Selling Festival in Dubai.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate and Traditional Medicine Price in Indonesia.


  • DXN is the top 40th company on Direct Selling News rankings
  • Direct Selling Award for Outstanding Management in Dubai


  • Halal certificate, which confirms that the product meet the religious requirements for Muslims
  • The DXN Spirulina gets the "Brand of the Year Award", as the best nutritional supplement in Pakistan


  • The most successful network marketing company in the United Arab Emirates
  • DXN is the top 28th company on Direct Selling News rankings
  • HACCP certificate for DXN, for meeting the requirements of the HACCP system.


  • Malaysian National Pharmacy Board Outstanding Industry Award
  • DSAM Membership (Malaysian Direct Marketing Association)
  • MS ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate
  • Tathagat Internationaler Exzellenz Price for Lim Siow Jin, Founder of the company DXN
  • Prize of the CTFA (Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association)
  • GMP Certificate for the good manufacturing technology


  • DXN Pharmaceutical has won the Malaysian Ministry of Health and National Pharmacy Office Award for the year 2012.


  • DXN is the 25th on the world ranking of Direct Sellig News


  • DXN is the 15th on the world ranking among direct sales companies



Our current career level:

Executive Gold Diamond

Who are we?

Zoltan Bojtos and Csilla Bojtos-Svab from St. Pölten from Austria. We have been dealing with this business since 2011. I, Zoltan have been living in Austria since 1990, I met Csilla only in 2007. This is our second marriage. I "hired" this website, my German is better than Csilla's. She enrolled to DXN at that time, I didn't think much about a coffee, with mushroom extract. I thought it couldn't possibly taste good. But as they say, "Happy wife, happy life", I figured if she wants to do it, I'm not against it. I also didn't think much about network marketing, I didn't know exactly what it was, but certainly nothing for a "farmer's son", I thought. I could not have been more wrong.

I really never thought it would bring so many changes to my life. I have fallen in love with this activity. Currently our Reishi coffee is my favorite. We don't have children together, and our children from our first marriage are already grown up. Our consumer network, our team, has become our second family. Since 2011, I have learned so much that I have become a completely different person. I have met many valuable people that I would never have met otherwise. We have distributors from 31 countries in 2019, and we have already reached the diamond level. Building network has become my passion. My hobby, the purpose of my life. I can help others improve their lives. That you also make money doing it is just the froth on the cake. For me, that's nice enough. And of course I'm looking for people who think like me. People who are not frightened by the fact that German is not my mother tongue.

If you can accept my values and agree with them, maybe we should get to know each other.


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