MLM mercenaries

Why does MLM have a bad reputation?

Multilevel marketing does not have a good reputation. 9.5 out of ten people reject it. That’s an unfortunate fact. My most read blog posts are articles optimized for “MLM scam” and similar search terms. People want to read about it, perhaps to confirm their existing rejection. There are many people to whom the whole business model just makes sense, that there is incredible money to be made here. That’s it. They don’t understand the principle of the activity itself and are not even aware that you can’t make money by doing nothing. Since I have been in network marketing since 2011, I have enough experience. I will tell you a story that is about some MLM mercenaries, highlighting the details, because as they say, the devil is in the details.

mlm mercenaries

MLM Mercenaries

Perhaps you are one of those who has been found with an MLM opportunity. Now imagine if your entire social media presence revolved around being a successful MLM network leader. You are on the “super giga diamond steps” and are among those who are spectacularly active. Certain people who think they are MLM professionals are out to get you. This is because you are already done, so to speak. You know what to do, and you know how to do it. In a good case, you bring your entire network with you, and that’s where the development happens – for them.  As I’ve had the pleasure of enduring some of these MLM presentations, I’ve had to develop a method, or a checklist if you will, against them.

Facebook friend request

Since my method is based on showing what I do and what I offer solutions for, strangers tend to tag me as a friend if I’ve piqued their interest. But before I reflexively accept all friend requests, I first look at the other person’s profile. I also have to filter out the crazies, the scammers, and the MLM mercenaries. Well, this time, in March 2022, I failed. Ralf suggested me as an acquaintance, and since a partner in Germany was a mutual acquaintance, I accepted the nomination, but I did not approach him. I was sure he would want something, maybe offer a course or something. Two days later, he wished me a nice weekend in a Messenger message. Being a polite person, I replied politely and we arranged a Zoom chat for the next day. I made it clear to him that I would not leave DXN no matter what he wanted to discuss with me. He assured me that it was not the Bundesliga to move to another team.

The worst face of MLM

The next day he sent me a zoom link and said that another person from Leopoldsdorf would join in the conversation. The red light was already on with me. This is the classic three-way conversation, the typical “old school” method. After a zero-information invitation, the sponsor and his sponsor “work” the candidate. Only I was not a candidate. At the beginning of the interview, they asked me to tell them something about myself. I just asked what this was all about, what they were up to? And then it turned out that who knows what MLM company is expanding in Europe, and then the great products and vision and all that nonsense. At that point I stopped the verbiage that my time is precious and as I said yesterday, I’m not leaving DXN. Then I wished them another good Sunday. With that, I said goodbye.

Now listen!

After half an hour, I thought that after all this, there was probably no point in us remaining known on Facebook, and I wanted to delete Ralf, but I couldn’t find him. When I click on his name in Messenger, I don’t get a profile. This is only possible if someone has blocked you on Facebook. Blocking someone is only useful if you want to protect yourself from harassment, isn’t it? The saying goes that everyone goes out of their way. I’m not bothering anyone with anything, but maybe that’s his way of working…. After he got me into a conversation with a lie (he doesn’t want to lure me anywhere), which I immediately got out of, he burned his bridges. This method is the exact opposite of what we teach in DXN.

The devil is in the details

For your own sake, please note the differences so that you don’t, for example, confuse me with these “MLM professionals”. They say that without trust there is no business. But how can you build trust if you start with a lie? And what message does it send that I’ll block your profile if you can’t be persuaded to do something? It just means that you – or I – are not important as a human being. I shouldn’t even have to join such a person for any reason. Where is the vision here? Such a move says more about someone than 100 videos on YouTube meant to inspire confidence. That is the naked truth. Please don’t ever confuse me with this! Here at DXN we don’t need to make products or the business opportunity look better than they are, because they are just good enough.

MLM is really ethical and professional

I don’t consider myself one of the MLM mercenaries. I don’t push the flow, I don’t want to be a millionaire tomorrow. I don’t push, I don’t fake, I really like you as a person. I really like to help others as long as they are fair to me. If someone is not open to a business opportunity, I certainly won’t bother them with it. I respect your right to independent expression, just as I expect others to respect my right to do the same. If you don’t even want to try the product, that’s fine too. But I don’t burn bridges behind me and I’m always open to starting over. But it’s also okay if a friend never sees the opportunity in a decent business or even joins another MLM company because they find it credible.

“Why should I NOT be honest, I’m going to be buried anyway?”

A Hungarian poet – Attila Jozsef – once wrote:

“Why should I be honest, I’m going to be buried anyway? Why should I NOT be honest, I’m going to be buried anyway?”

I’ve toyed with the idea of how I might look in the mirror if I suddenly got stuck on the first bag of money. What would my friends here at DXN say who have relied on me so far, who have taken me at my word? Because as unimaginable as it may seem, there are strong friendships and emotional ties between sponsor and sponsored, between downline and upline. No wonder, because anyone who does MLM really professionally values human relationships. If it’s just about the money, all is lost. I strive to be a rock that everyone likes to moor their boat to. Fortunately, I am on the lookout for such rocks, and fortunately I have already found some. I prefer to build my consumer network on rock than on quicksand. I don’t have to disappoint those who entrust me for the money. However, I don’t condemn those who do, I just don’t trust them and certainly wouldn’t join them. That’s it.

Why is this interesting to you?

So feel free to tag me as an acquaintance if you want to get to know my work better. You control the process. If you are only mildly interested, I will tell you very little about it. If more, then more. If you are only interested in Ganoderma products, I will only talk about them, if you are interested in business, I will show you how to sensitively but successfully build a consumer network. Without harassing your acquaintances, without zero information invitations, so that the number of your friends does not decrease, but on the contrary, even increases.

MLM mercenaries, or why MLM has a bad reputation?
Article Name
MLM mercenaries, or why MLM has a bad reputation?
Beware, MLM mercenaries! I will highlight the small but important differences in a story, because the devil is in the details.
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