MLM statistics 2022

Our busiest year yet in DXN

Read about how we can shape our own destiny. Included are the 2022 MLM statistics for our network, travel, successful weight loss, invitations to presentations, new friends and experiences. The year 2022 was a terrible year, with all its misery and unpleasant events.
Never has a person, like me, survived a pulmonary embolism so well.
On January 17, I was taken to the hospital by ambulance because I had a shortness of breath. I was quickly diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and thrombosis in my right leg. The doctor said the Grim Reaper was already there swinging his scythe over my head. Three days later I was home and my rehabilitation began, and with it an old dream came true. The Chinese proverb that you never know whether an event is a tragedy or a stroke of luck has come true.

The birth of enzymeMIX

Having no faith in western medicine, I was looking for an alternative cure for thrombosis. Not only do I believe in ganotherapy, but I have a lot of experience with its effectiveness. So I approached a highly respected and well-known Malaysian ganotherapist named Jane Yau. She recommended an enzyme drink mixture that I am now taking. After a few days, I noticed that I no longer had an appetite. It soon became clear that one of the ingredients in EnzymeMIX, Ganoderma rice vinegar, was the culprit. And from then on, I didn’t care about thrombosis, I wanted to lose weight. Between about the beginning of February and the end of August, I lost 23 kilos. No fasting, no special diet or exercise. I simply ate less, but just as much as before.

How to sell your excess weight for money?

Since the topic of this article was originally MLM stats 2022, let’s also talk about how to make money with this unexpected gift that fell into my lap. How you can sell your own excess weight if you want to. Statistics show that 2/3 of Europeans are overweight. I don’t know all of them personally, but I don’t think being overweight is fun, and most of them don’t want to be. Not to mention that just 10 kg overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 12% and cerebral infarction by 42%. Obesity is not an aesthetic problem, but a health risk.
The average Briton spends money 127 times in their life on something to do with weight loss. Info products, diets, nutrition shakes or fitness passes. There is money in this industry and I have a very effective natural enzyme drink that is delicious. I took the challenge and took pictures of my own weight on the scale every week and posted those pictures on social media. Later, I also started making little videos for TikTok. My math worked out, people started to get interested in the product.

MLM statistics 2022

During the year we added 180 new direct partners/consumers who purchased for a total of 24,861 points. These points bring in the most revenue as they are our direct members who do not buy in depth. Our annual bonus went up 10.19%, and I got enough to buy a whole new wardrobe, which I needed. (But I even needed another winter coat because the wind was blowing in from below). If you look at our entry stats below, you can see how much of a boom we had in new partners in September. We had 64 direct new entrants in that month alone.

MLM statistics 2022

Vinegar shortage in Europe!

When it comes to MLM statistics 2022, this is also true here. Thanks to my activities, the interest in Ganoderma rice vinegar has increased greatly in Hungary and even in Europe. This has led to a shortage as the growth in Hungary was 1209.52%. We could hardly wait for the new shipment, and everyone tried to find a way to replace this drink. But calm down everyone…, there is enough of it now. So much so, that country after country has been advertising my EnzymeMIX. There was one in Hungary, one in Poland, one in Slovakia and one in Greece. Speaking of Greece. And there I was invited to speak at a seminar about my weight loss diet and its impact on business.

MLM statistics 2022

Traveling with DXN in 2022

Having lived in Austria since 1989, a trip to Budapest is a “foreign trip” for me. So I was a speaker at the Budapest seminar in October, a week later in Thessaloniki at the Greek Network event, and another week later in Antalya at the European Leadership Training Camp. I was only allowed to speak on stage for 5 minutes, but I had to speak English. I made good use of the “Duolingo English” I had acquired through the Kaizen technique. On January 18, 2023, I told the same thing at the DXN birthday party in Bratislava. But that is no longer 2022.

The founding members of DXN Pro Movement and I decided to take a minibus to Leadership Camp in Turkey and combine the whole trip with a little late summer vacation. On the way there, we drove by Thessaloniki, since we were all preteaegers, dsnn spent a day and a half at Meteoras, an evening in Canakkalé, where Hollywood filmmakers had “forgotten” the Trojan Horse. For another day and a half we rented a villa in Dalyan, Turkey, where we had an unforgettable party for the 55th birthday of my beloved Csilla. And 3 days in Antalya were the highlight of the trip. It was an unforgettable experience that brought the team together. But the most amazing thing was that six of us were together almost 24/7 for 13 days, and I don’t remember any clashes. I know from experience that this is rare. 🙂

A DXN trip we missed out on

In 2021, we qualified for the ITSI reward trip but were unable to attend. The reason is annoying, but not surprising after last year’s experience. The Malaysian government decided that only people with COVID vaccination could enter the country. And we didn’t, and as long as I can protect myself from that, we won’t. DXN paid off the cost of this trip for us so that we could have a private vacation in Crete in September while the rest of us hiked the trails of the DXN Lifestyle program in the Malaysian jungle.

ITSI 2022

We qualified for the reward trip last year. So unless the rules change and they mess with this so-called “inoculation” again, we will be part of the celebration at DXN‘s 30th birthday party in Cyberville on October 15, 2023.

How did I create my own success?

Our thoughts determine our destiny. You’ve probably heard this wisdom often enough. Maybe you’ve even chuckled about it. But if you have, explain this.

I’ve been searching for a long time for a DXN product that I can truly call my own and identify with. Like the Morinzhi drink that László Kócsó consumes every day, preferably in a spectacular way. He films it and uploads it to social media. So I searched, I looked, but I couldn’t find a product that I could use to build my personal brand.

And then I was given a pulmonary embolism by the universe or the creator. This led directly to a certain enzyme drink that helped me lose weight. It was because of my knowledge or common sense that I saw the potential in it and used it.
EnzymeMIX was born, I lost 23 kilos which I have maintained ever since, we have a record number of new entrants, the highest annual bonus we have ever earned, and I am jokingly called Mr. EnzymeMIX. I got everything I wanted and everything I needed through a terminal illness, a life-threatening condition. But the most important thing was the right attitude, the right mentality. Limits exist only in our minds! Is there anyone who doubts this statement? I stopped doing that a long time ago.

MLM statistics 2022
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MLM statistics 2022
MLM Statistics 2022, the busiest year of our lives in DXN. Numbers and stories, experiences, new friends and rewards.
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