Our most active partners

They really want the success

And they do something for it

Our most active partners

Every team has a hard core. You also need a top team, an “offensive attack wedge,” even if that sounds a little strange for the kind of empathetic network building we advocate. Of course we don’t attack anyone, we don’t believe in pushy network marketing. We believe in helping people, and we can only do that by building relationships. We have to accept that every person has a different destiny and therefore we can’t help everyone.

On this page we have gathered the most active and committed people at the moment. We introduce each of them and publish their contact details, so if you like one of them better than us, you can choose him instead. 🙂

Senior Star Diamond

Kövári László – Star Diamond

Laszlo is a retired tour guide who reached the diamond level in the time of pregnancy – 9.5 months :). His example shows that the world is not only for 20-year-olds and that you can make it if you want it and really try hard.

Star Diamond

Strifler Lászlóné Erzsébet – Star Diamond

Erzsebet is our first diamond, who lives in a small village near the Romanian border. Her success challenges the stereotype that a small pensioner in a small village cannot be successful. When she came to us, her monthly income was less than 100 euros. Nevertheless, she took the plunge, and thanks to DXN’s humane marketing plan, the low income was not an obstacle. Together with her daughter, she managed to bring 10,000 visitors per month to her website, and the number of visitors increased, and so did her income.

Erzsike is the best example of how far perseverance can take you. Her diamond degree shows that nothing is impossible and no one should think they don’t have a chance. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all those who find themselves in a similar situation, but are willing to work as hard as she is to improve their lot.

Volker Roy – Star Diamond

Volker Roy, a colleague of ours in Germany, whom we have never met. Hans-Peter Müller is his sponsor, He always kept in touch with him. We exchanged some emails a few months before reaching the diamond level. According to DXN’s marketing plan, he is also a direct diamond for us. This is a good example of how we can have successful employees without our involvement in depth. He sent us these lines:

“Health is of the utmost importance to me as a self-employed person. To keep it that way, I take nutritional supplements. DXN products have helped me the most. I have not been to a doctor or hospital in over 20 years. And this despite the fact that I come from a family where serious illnesses have raged for generations. My goal is therefore to continue to successfully spread DXN in my home region (southern Harz).

With kind regards
Volker Roy”

Jámborné Hegedüs Erika – Star Diamond

Erika is a born leader. She has a very strong product experience that shouldn’t be written down here, but that’s what set her on this career path. She wanted to tell others about it. She is an English teacher in Püspökladány, and it was noticed in the teaching community that she and her husband were doing well while everyone else was sick. And Erika was hooked! She started devouring textbooks and following the well-known MLM gurus to learn the job. She makes videos for social media, goes live on Facebook in English and Hungarian, and does things that only young people do. He is a fantastic change and a good example of how we can change in MLM. 🙂

I recommend them as a sponsor for those who need constant guidance and support.

Seres István Attila – Star Diamond

Istvan, like many others, found us through the Internet. He lives with his family in Szeged and works as a letter carrier. I like his way of thinking very much. I know him as a calm, realistic person who knows that success doesn’t come for free and is willing to work hard for it. He is the calm force in the team.

Whoever chooses him as a sponsor can be sure that he won’t let them down. That’s a rare quality these days 🙂

Marija Ognjanov – Star Diamond

Maria lives in Serbia and is a retired nurse who is one of the most active considering her age. With her previous MLM experience, she understands the profession and knows exactly what to do. She is working hard to open a DXN center in Serbia. Go Marika, we are with you. 🙂

Star Ruby

Strifler Anita – Star Ruby

Anita was introduced to the business by her mother. At first she just wanted to help her mother, but then she realized how good a stable passive income can be. I always say that it is very worthwhile for a young person to go down this path, but not to be led down the wrong path by glittering promises and quick money. A regular passive income from a consumer network built in a stable business is something you only have to do once.

Anita has a baby, so business has taken a back seat, but she has time. I would recommend her as a sponsor for those looking for a young, blogger to sponsor who is well versed in online methods.

Dr. Hans-Peter Müller – Star Ruby

Hans-Peter is a research doctor living in Germany. He has already tried MLM but fell in love with DXN products. And as an absolute professional, that means a lot to me. So it would be difficult to attribute any kind of mass psychosis to the fact that our products sell.

Star Agent

Kocsis Józsefné Éva – Star Agent

Évi is the doajen of our team. She was our third most successful networker in 2019, even though she is already over 70. She is as active as a young person, open to learning new things, and often gives us younger people her wise advice. She can be a real role model for everyone that there is no age when it is pointless to start something new.

I would probably recommend Évi to people her age, as she can be the most authentic for the “forever young” 🙂

Uwe Schepker – Star Agent

Uwe lives in southern Germany and has experience in network marketing. He is the type of person who doesn’t just work towards his goals until he gets tired, but until he achieves them. She is a great help in proofreading my German texts.

Vigh Csilla Andrea – Star Agent

Csilla is a passionate ganotherapist whose body responded very quickly to ganotherapy. Because she had such a strong – and positive – experience, she immersed herself in this alternative method. She is very active on social media and is becoming increasingly popular. She also believes that by helping many people, she can help herself. If you need a conscientious helper, I highly recommend her.

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