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Ling Zhi the most Chinese product.
The wonderful mushroom of eternal life

The world will be eternally grateful to China for its discovery, eternally grateful to Dr. Lim for cultivating and processing this mushroom, which makes such an excellent extract. And your family and acquaintances will be eternally grateful to you for helping them to live healthy and rich lives.

Geld verdienen mit Ganoderma

Marketed the best Ling Zhi extract in the world!

  • You don’t need to invest any money. (No inventory, no location, the parent company takes care of that).
  • You don’t need staff, to pack and deliver. (The parent company takes care of it.)
  • Whoever buys from you once will always be your customer. (Because he signs up/registers to you. No matter where and how much he buys, you always get your share).
  • You get a share even after the customers from your customers, to infinite depth.

The DXN company and its background

DXN was founded in 1993 in Malaysia, in Alor Setar by Dr. Lim. It owns the largest Ling Zhi farm in the world, which is free to visit. (Also tourists.) It is the 15th largest direct selling company in the world on Direct Selling News list. Their annual turnover is over 1 billion US dollars. DXN company holds everything in its hand, the farm, factories and distribution network. The processing technology is own development, which the competitors cannot copy. Through this technology, DXN is able to separate the active ingredients of the mushroom from the dietary fiber. 1 kg of our Ling Zhi extract is produced from 20 kg of mushrooms. This is the reason for the fantastic efficiency of our products. This efficiency is proven by prestigious quality certificates issued by company-independent bodies and the “word of mouth” of many naturopaths.

The DXN Factory in China


Dr. Lim, the founder

DXN was founded in Malaysia in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, who graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Engineering and over the years has been awarded various degrees in medicine from different faculties around the world. (Dr. phd., Dr. Sc., Prof. h.c. Alternative Medicine). He is as well versed in conventional medicine as he is in holistic medicine.

For his tireless activities, he has received numerous awards, the Malaysian King on September 9, 2019 awarded Dr. Lim, the honorary title of “Datuk”, and the Order of Knighthood “Panglima Jasa Nagara”. Dr. Lim is also the Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and provides spirulina to 1 million children worldwide, against famine. All DXN partners can join this mission.


Your chance

Do you mind a well prospering business? In the most populous country in the world, to market a well-known product, in the best quality, for competitive price. And without any investment. Is there any better business?

DXN partners will build a huge network in China as well. I know that, and so do you. The only question is whether you will be part of it. Whether your friends and acquaintances will register to you, or you will – years later – to them. You will have a share from their consumption, or vice versa?

ganotherapie in potsdam

Who are we and why should you choose us?

We are Bojtos-Svab Csilla and Bojtos Zoltan. We are Hungarian, but we live in Austria. We are in this business since 2011, currently we are Executive Senior Star Diamond and we have partners from 40 countries. We love this job and we do it mainly online. We have developed our own online system for our team, what other DXN partners can’t provide for his colleagues. If you are interested, we will be happy to show you.

Unfortunately we do not speak Chinese, but Hungarian, German and English do. Leave a message in any of the three languages if you have any questions. Let’s work together!

Do you have any questions? Please write to us!

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