What is ganotherapy?

Ganotherapy is a holistic healing method. This approach is completely different from the myth propagated by the pharmaceutical lobby, which some people cannot accept. We don’t take the symptoms out of context like modern medicine, and we don’t treat the symptoms. We treat the body, and the body then treats the disease with its own self-healing mechanisms. It has been proven that we humans have the ability to heal ourselves from disease, we are born with this ability. Ganotherapy neutralizes the harmful effects of the environment and thus revives this forgotten ability. Some products are more effective in neutralizing certain effects, others need more time. In any case, the patient will recover, or if he is healthy, he will not get sick.

ganotherapy - treatment with reishi mushroom


It is not the products used in ganotherapy, medicinal mushrooms, spirulina algae, fermented foods and products made from them that heal! It is our own body, our own immune system that will heal us, because that is what it was created for.

The products used in ganotherapy

The products used in ganotherapy are simply functional foods that contain a high dose of nutrients. They are in fact the building blocks from which our body is constructed. Every builder knows that you can’t build a sturdy building out of bad building materials (you can’t build a castle out of shit). It is also well known that our food today contains only a fraction of the trace elements and vitamins that it did 30-40-50 years ago. There are also countless revealing reports about the poor quality of the food that the food industry sells us in tempting packaging. They may be tasty, but they have little to do with a healthy diet.

In my opinion, it is absolutely impossible today to provide our bodies with all the nutrients we need to function perfectly by just eating without taking supplements. Nowadays we are starving with a full stomach, because although we eat a lot, we are actually putting on weight, but our cells are starving. This is proven by the large number of people who come to me with minor or major complaints that conventional medicine is unable to deal with. And interestingly, the vast majority of complaints subside or disappear when they finally start to healthy eat, not just eat.

What say the propaganda?

Contrary to popular propaganda, we all have an immune system that is supposed to correct problems and malfunctions in our body. However, the lack of the necessary nutrients combined with the presence of countless toxins overwhelms it many times over and it cannot do its job. I am convinced and experienced that we do not need drugs and vaccines, but a well-functioning immune system.

The greatest strength of ganotherapy lies in its ability to prevent disease with small doses of products. You do not have to and should not wait until a physical ailment develops (or even becomes an acute problem), but you can prevent it. Prevention is much more convenient and cheaper than fixing the problem.

If, based on the information I have given you, you feel that ganotherapy is the right path for you, contact me and let me help you!

What is ganotherapy?
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What is ganotherapy?
What is ganotherapy? Here you will find information that you would never happen to hear on TV. Information that everyone should know.
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