How much can you earn at DXN?

Let’s speak in plain language!

earn money at DXN

There are many MLM companies that promise the yellow of the egg, for their distributor. I know many MLM stars who join another company 3-5 a year, but soon become top earners everywhere. Yes, they are clearly stars, they were born on network marketing. But what about the “average citizen”? I’m one of those. Does that mean I can earn better in MLM because a “thoroughbred distributor” from my company’s top 10 earns so well? I don’t think so. Honestly I just want to build a consumer network all my life and not start 5 a year somewhere else. That’s why I chose an honest company and joined here. (The Chinese word “daxen” means “honesty”).

The basic concept of this company is: all who want to live healthy should have a possibility to consume Ganoderma mushroom. Those who do not have enough money to do so, should get money by recommendation that they can buy their portion of Ganoderma mushroom.

Before we talk about Euromillions, I admit, as a DXN distributor you won’t become a millionaire tomorrow. Nobody is talking about millions here. The talk here is about “helping each other”. Surely there are many who don’t think something like this is attractive enough, they should join another company, although if we look at this table we can see that even at DXN you can earn nice money. Maybe a little later than with others. To see the table in a larger size, click on the picture! You can download it as an Excel spreadsheet here.

The earnings table at DXN

earn money

Now how to understand this table? Let’s consider the first line. To earn about € 160-200, you need to reach the Star Agent (SA) level, (4500 total points) and have about 3-3.5 thousand group points monthly. To achieve this, you need to have 30 regular customers who buy monthly for 100 points. This is not the case with normal regular customers, without commission interest. The rest is just mathematics. The less a regular customer buys, the more regular customers you need to achieve the same total number of points. I would like to point out that at € 160 commission you do not need to pay more for your own consumption. In fact, in Germany and Austria you can pay off the whole order from the earned commission.

This table shows how many regular customers you have to sponsor personally to reach the following level or number of customers. Of course, as it is already common in the structure sales, even the regular customers bring new customers.

Another thing. For the same total number of points you get more commission if you have already reached a higher level.

What is the golden rule?

Compiling this table was not easy. It is very difficult to say with which group points how much you can earn. You certainly won’t find two networks that are completely identical to each other. It does not matter at all where in the structure these points were bought. It is already so in each structure distribution. But these values, according to my experience approximately fit.  With this you can calculate and plan. 3000 euros passive income everyone would like to have, but there you can not enter. Only at the beginning, at zero.

So if not only the money is important to you, if you would like to help us to make the Ganoderma products more known, thereby helping others, DXN is a good choice. With perseverance and diligence you can also build a nice passive income, like many before you.

How much can you earn at DXN?
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How much can you earn at DXN?
Earn money, is everything? 5 yearly change the company, or a lifetime to build the same consumer network? What is the right way?
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