Is networking good business?

Annual summary 2021

They say that every gypsy praises his own horse. And that a man from far away, can say what he wants. But it’s also true that numbers don’t lie and that facts are stubborn. But I know you’re in a hurry and you’re not interested in my nonsense. You care about whether multilevel marketing is a good business. Let’s start with a factual listing.

2021 Results:

Growth in the number of people in our network: 12.1%.

Annual increase in score: 23.65%.

Annual bonus increase: 3.17%.

Career level increase: yes, two times even.

2021 was another year in which pandemic-induced madness raged around the world. The middle class became increasingly impoverished, small businesses went bankrupt, and many people’s jobs became precarious. For many people, incomes did not rise at 3.17%, but fell.

Is networking good business?

I believe it is. My experience in several times of crisis is that if the product is really good, the business is stable. Of course, “good business” means different things to different people. Some people are happier with an immediate 10 euros than with 1000 in 3 years. Some people are not even willing to think ahead 3 years, they are only interested in immediate profit. Despite the fact that many of these people are sniffing around MLM companies, networking is not for them, I can say that with certainty. They don’t believe in the law of sowing before reaping.

Growth in the number of members

In 2020 it was 20%, this year it has almost halved. In January, Zuckerberg decided he didn’t want my money and suspended my Facebook advertising account. This really makes a difference, because with these ads I was able to filter people very well and find those who trust natural things more than the wonderful products of the pharmaceutical lobby.

Unfortunately, the autocrat of social media is so powerful these days that it can ban ads for legit things like multilevel marketing or supplements. I’m looking for a solution, and I will find one, but I think that’s the reason for the stagnation. I personally enrolled 38 new people in 2020, and only 16 in 2021. The road to freedom is steep and bumpy, but that’s okay. The bigger the reward, the harder it is to get it. That’s the right thing to do.

Increase score – Go to Mexico!

In 2020 the increase was 39.58% so we almost qualified for the Mediterranean cruise – which was then cancelled due to the epidemic – and in 2021 it is 23.65%. And with that, we are firmly qualified for this year’s ITSI reward cruise to Cancun, Mexico. Hooray!!! The last time we did this was in 2017 when we needed 120,000 points to travel to Dubai. Mexico required 225,000. I wouldn’t have bet on it in January 2021.

You can say I didn’t do it alone, it was a team effort. Yes, that’s true, and I’m grateful for their efforts. But you could also say that if Gandhi hadn’t had so many supporters, he wouldn’t have been able to bring the British Empire to its knees. And that is also true. However, he had a significant part in having followers. My wife and I are also glad that there were people who wanted something and were willing to work for it.

Two steps up

June was the “golden month”. We went up two levels. We went from Executive Star Diamond to Senior Star Diamond and after 19 days to Executive Senior Star Diamond. In 2020, someone joined our team – a retired but still active leader, Laszlo Kövári – who became a Diamond in 9.5 months. And a colleague from Germany, – Volker Roy – whom we did not even know and with whom we had never exchanged a single message, suddenly became a diamond. So, within a month we made the double leap.

But that doesn’t mean we became geniuses. It’s just proof that networking is not a linear process. Often we just work, laying one stone on top of another without making a mark, and then suddenly we get the birthday present, the name day present, and the Christmas present all at once. This is a very important thing. You should not be discouraged because you are working and the results are not immediately visible. It is part of the profession. For this qualification we received a gift weekend from our sponsor, our professional role model Judit Faragóné Keserü She invited us to visit her, and also offered us a surprise program. This picture was taken there. Although we did not “deserve” an extra gift for this, of course, and did not expect one, we received something like this from her, which we were very happy about.

DXN Pro – So are we blowing the trade wind now?

No, I wouldn’t say that. But in 2021 there will be a change in the life of Hungarian DXN that will certainly have an impact. We are all professional optimists here in MLM and we love to make big announcements, but this is definitely different. I think many of us feel that there is a new dynamic.

It started with Ultrabalaton…

DXN-Networker have entered 2 teams for this race. It is a race of 27-31 hours, 210 km around Lake Balaton, which can be completed individually or in teams. The most popular ultra race in Central Europe. And during the race, when waiting for their relay partner, the runners have the opportunity to talk. With each other and with their companions. This is how the idea was born between the couple Czérna Tünde-Czérna Szabolcs and the couple Specht Vali and Specht József, that although they are parallel lines for each other, they want to join forces to give a boost to the Hungarian DXN.

How did we get involved?

They invited us and some other colleagues at a higher diamond level to a joint online discussion where they shared their idea with us. I won’t keep you too long, we said yes, the others wanted to stay out of it. So six of us stayed and the DXN Pro group was formed. What predestined us for this group? Good question, because that’s not our career level, that’s for sure. It’s not high enough. Maybe our obvious commitment to DXN, maybe our creativity. The existence of our online event called “Dobbantó”, which is a weekly opportunity for Hungarian-speaking DXN members to learn, was certainly part of that. So Dobbantó became the official Thursday online workshop of the DXN Pro group.

Event during a pandemic

November 20, 2021, Hotel Danubius Budapest. As a result of the pandemic, wearing a mask became mandatory at all indoor events. Many people expressed concern about the irresponsibility of inviting 100 people to an event at this time. However, our meeting did not become a COVID hotspot. No one got infected there. And we held an event that I will never forget as long as I live. I can honestly say that I had no idea myself that the desire in our members was so strong to finally meet physically. I was hugged in thanks by people I barely knew, if at all. They were grateful that we staged this, that we carried it through fire and water. These six people – us – were so united, and have been ever since, that the well-known theory that our will moves mountains when we join forces becomes a reality.

DXN Pro – aPROpos

This event, “THE EVENT”, is called “in baptism” aPROpos. We tried to celebrate the qualifications of the last two years in a proper way. We held a pastry contest in which there was a prize of an apron with DXN-Pro logo in the categories of sweet and savory. Marcell Czérna and Gergö Nagy shot small reports during the breaks, which made a great compilation. An essence of the atmosphere there and why everyone was there.

The whole event was broadcast live and in professional quality on DXN Pro’s Youtube channel. To my knowledge, there has never been anything like this in the history of Hungarian DXN. There was also a professional photographer, Kristóf Pénzes, who came just for lunch to take photos for us. The most amazing thing was that when we launched DXN Pro, we realized how many professionals in the group were willing to contribute for free and pro bono (DXN Pro Bono).

Is networking good business?

If you look at it financially: yes.

If you look at it in terms of belonging to a community: yes.

If you look at it in terms of personal development: yes.

If you look at it in terms of long-term return on investment: yes.

Only time passes by itself. Everything else has to be done.

Is networking good business?
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Is networking good business?
Is networking good business? Let's let the facts do the talking! I disclose my annual statistics from 2021.
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